Ramji Pothunala Arakkattalai (RPA)



Training for rehabilitation was give given to the persons those who are paraplegic due to spinal cord injury.

Finding out the disable person and give them training for rehabilitation.

prevention methods were teaching to them like skin management, Bladder and Bowel Management. Availing Muscular activities for spinal cord injured and disable persons.

We are encouraging the student those who are studying in school’s and college’s for continuing their skill through various activities.

Group and individual games, and sports are conducted after proper coaching to the disable students.

Yearly once free medical  camp was arranged for them.


To create an awareness and prevention program for the people who have a spinal cord injury. Through this the person gets proper rehabilitation.

Identifying their skill and training them in various fields like Tailoring, Basic Sills in Computer, Cell Phones Service and home appliance service.

Guiding them for getting their basic needs from the Government and teach them to Lead a happy life, friendly environments in the Society.


By this trust we are planning to start rehabilitation center with free food and accommodation for spinal injury peoples and all types disables.

Training them in vocational skills to make them earn their living.